Gothenburg Culture Festival11-16 augusti 2020
11-16 augusti 2020

Gbg Pop Night * (for you 13 years and older)

A pop night not to miss, presented by Westside Music Sweden and Brewhouse

At Brewhouse, the cream of interesting bands and artists in pop-Gothenburg will gather Some more talked about than others, but in total: these bands are probably way more familiar next year already. So be sure to be one of those who "were there" and take the opportunity to see them today The evening ends with no less than Kennelklubben. With an acclaimed debut album and Christer Lundberg (P3 / P4, Universal Poplab) and Martin Brändström (Dark Tranquillity) in the lead, this will be an evening to remember.

Paradisäppelvägen – is the band that takes the melancholy in the summer night and perform it through great stories. With tales of separation, doubt and missing someone, they take the listener to a place where time stands still, where time no longer exists. The band has existed since 2013 and released a number of singles and EP's. On April 12, their debut album Den som skriker högst was released, an album that reflects our world, where everyone is trying to outdo each other and where no one listens to what the other has to say.

Manx – The brand-new luxury manx is a new world of perfect contrasts. Written, produced and performed by Maria Nyström who previously went under the name The Naima Train. The music accommodates the great world influences compressed in a small glass ball. She shamelessly mixes hot darbukas in a cheesy pop and jazz elements where they are least expected. Although a lot has happened since the first songs were released on Myspace, the success of the Musikhjälpen cage, the profit in Musik-direkt and hundreds of gigs around the country, Maria Nyström still stands as one of the country's most exciting artists. 

Beverly Kills – has already been mentioned as one of the most energetic and emotionally charged live bands in Sweden, even though they have only been active for just over a year.  All the singles they've released so far have been praised by international media, but they've also been nominated for the prize of  Årets genombrott by Gaffa. In April, the band released its first 7"-vinyl, which contains brand new material.

Kennelklubben – if the band had never existed, Christer Lundberg would not be a popular host in Radio, and Martin Brändström had not become a keyboardist and producer for the legendary death metal band Dark Tranquillity. Because it was with synthpop it all started. Kennelklubben has been called Gothenburg's most well-preserved music secret, and has been described as a mixture of Depeche Mode and Håkan Hellström. A must have for the music-interested Gothenburg.

Oh Amphibian – with an heartfelt voice rock-influenced indie popis created, edged by grinding groove and gripping dynamics. The Gothenburg-based artist released his debut EP Living with an elephant" in April 2019, on which the silence in relationships is brought out into the spotlight against a background of impelling guitar riffs and playful rhythms. Simple and low-key mixed with colorful. Influences from artists such as Paul Simon, Bon Iver and Jose Gonzalez shine through.

* Age-limit 13 years

 Paradisäppelvägen, Manx, Beverly Kills, Kennelklubben, Oh Amphibian