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Gothenburg Culture Festival (GCF) is one of Scandinavia’s major culture festivals, with in the region of 1 million visitors every year. During the festival, which mainly takes place in the streets of Gothenburg, the city centre is transformed into festival sites, where you as a visitor can enjoy, free of charge, a vast range of cultural experiences: opera, art, music, street performances, craft work, theatre, literature and film. Next to gastronomic culture from all over the world you find internationally renowned musical acts as well as a host of local bands.

Gothenburg Culture Festival works for sustainability in three dimensions: ecological, social and financial. The festival meets the criteria for Fairtrade City Göteborg and all food vendors at the festival meet high environmental requirements. All electricity used at the festival comes from renewable sources.

Gothenburg Culture Festival is produced by Göteborg & Co with support from the City of Gothenburg and the Trade and Industry Group at Göteborg & Co. Göteborg & Co is a municipal company of the City of Gothenburg. Gothenburg Culture Festival also receives financial support from its partners, and the program is presented in collaboration with the art and culture community of Gothenburg and the region of West Sweden.

Here are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions:

I have lost something. What do I do now?

In connection to the Gothenburg Culture Festival, all belongings left behind on the festival sites are delivered to the Lost & Found of the Gothenburg Police. For further information, visit the Gothenburg Police's website.

When is the next Gothenburg Culture Festival?

 The festival 2020 has unfortunately been cancelled, due to the corona-pandemic. We will be back in 2021 for the next festival! 

Where can I find the festival programme?

From the middle/end of June the annual festival programme will be available in a digital form here on this website. In connection to the start of the festival a printed version will also be published. The digital version is available in English but the printed one is mainly in Swedish, with a short summary in English and Arabic. 

The printed festival programme will be distributed to all households in the City of Gothenburg shortly before the start of the festival, and it will be available to pick up in the Gothenburg Tourist Centres and at the festival sites during the festival.

Where are the Gothenburg Culture Festival sites?

A map of the festival sites will be published on this website. You will also find a site map in the printed festival programme and on large signs on the festival sites together with the daily programme.

Do I need a ticket?

You hardly ever need a ticket to any of the activities of the Gothenburg Culture Festival. In some cases, due to a limitation in available seats, you will need to get a ticket in advance or register your participation. In such cases you will find the information on how to get your ticket/register on the page of the actual activity. The tickets are free of charge.

In cases where a ticket or registration is needed, go to the activity information page on this website by: first clicking on Program in the top menue (for English, choose "In English" in the sub menue that appears when you hoover over "Program"). Find the activity you are interested in among the activity previews that appear. To open the information page of the activity you are interested in, click on the title of the activity preview and the activity information page will open. In the description on that page you will find information on how to get a ticket or to register.

What does it cost to visit the Gothenburg Culture Festival?

All festival activities are free of charge. The only exceptions are what is sold in eateries and in markets.

If I have a question about the festival, where can I find someone to ask?

There are two information tents at the festival, and there you will find people who are happy to help you. You will find the locations of the information tents on the festival maps.

Is there an age limit for visiting the festival?

Only a limited number of activities are given an age limit. You will find that information in the festival programme.

What activities will have audio description? 

You will find information on the activities that will have audio description in the festival programme.

What activities will be interpreted into sign language? 

You will find information on the activities that will be interpreted into sign language in the festival programme.

Where can I find WC:s?

There are WC:s at all major festival sites, large WC:s with room for wheel chairs are available at several sites. There are also several permanent WC:s in the city centre, available all year round.

Where do I find the Jubilee Pavilion (Jubileumspaviljongen)?

The Jubilee Pavilion is situated in Bältespännarparken.

How do I travel by public transport to the Gothenburg Culture Festival?

You find time tables for the Gothenburg public transports at the website of Västtrafik. You can also call them on phone number +46 771-41 43 00 (customer services).

What are the Play and Pause symbols below the pictures on the website used for?

 The symbols mean that you can listen to the content. It is an aid for people with impaired vision.  

What noise level is permitted during the festival?

GCF is authorized, by the City of Gothenburg, to have a noise level of a maximum of 97 dB.

How does Gothenburg Culture Festival work with environmental sustainability?

GCF is working actively for a sustainable city and the event has been awarded a diploma in environmental sustainability. 

Gothenburg welcomes you!

For more information about the city of Gothenburg, visit The Gothenburg Tourist Centre is situated at Kungsportsplatsen 2. 

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